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astronaut photograph was taken from the space shuttle in september 1983 and was provided by the earth sciences and at johnson space center. results and field photograph courtesy of j. a. robinson and k. p. lulla (johnson space center), m. d. nellis (west virginia university), and c. e. bussing (kansas state university). another astronaut photograph example used in the robinson et al. paper showed japan, and was previously posted to earth observatory. additional images taken by astronauts and cosmonauts can be viewed at the nasa-jsc gateway to 1
bennett, george e., 1939- 1
elias, samy e. g 1
j. c. frazer, west virginia university cercle dramatique fran├žais 1
james smith (university of western australia); alfred siewers (bucknell university); alan montroso (independent scholar); eileen joy (southern illinois university edwardsville); anne harris (depauw university); lowell duckert (west virginia university); carolyn dinshaw (new york university); valerie allen (john jay college of justice, cuny) 1
seals, roger k., joint author 1
shumaker, robert c 1
symposium on the physiology of fungi and fungus diseases (1962 : west virginia university) 1
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